Introducing SIRIUS for Profits

The first platform in the world dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the purpose to help your company strengthen the social influence by simplifying interaction with the third sector

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Investing in CSR brings advantages that have a direct and concrete impact on the company's business.

CSR consists of adopting a corporate policy that knows how to harmonize the economic objectives with the social and environmental ones of the reference territory, with a view to sustainability in favor of their main social interlocutors, the so-called stakeholders.

What are the key advantages for companies investing in CSR?

An investment in CSR designed to be aligned with the company's values ​​and mission allows you to:

How the Sirius platform allows companies to get the most out of their CSR investment:

Register your organization for free at Sirius
Easily find projects that fit your business strategies
For your convenience, there is a chat where you can directly contact those responsible for the selected project
Support projects in the easy and safe way
Get up-to-date information and be  aware of the project development, receiving not only the quality data (photos, videos, documents), but also quantitative data (a monthly report is available for download on each project page)
Share your company results with all the  stakeholders.

How to enhance the social impact of the company using the Sirius platform?

Sirius platform was designed to facilitate the interaction between profit companies and third sector organizations, enabling both parties to get the most out of their business:

Profits can invest in projects with high social impact, finding and supporting precisely the projects that are consistent with the company's business strategies.
Third sector organizations make their projects more interesting and attractive for commercial companies, thereby attracting more funding.

Why join Sirius?

Your social impact with Sirius and without it
  • You can only find geographically close projects, thus reducing your choice

  • Lack of data and information for use in communication campaigns

  • Lack of any usage information

  • The necessity to spend a lot of resources on searching for projects and organizing sponsorship

With Sirius:
  • Easy search for projects that meet the company's business strategies

  • Obtaining reports containing qualitative and quantitative data on social impact

  • Transparency, security, trustworthiness of non-profit organizations

  • Lower production costs and benefit from tax privileges

  • Link the activity / association with development of the territory / local area

  • The ability to measure the results of your project and evaluate its effect

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