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Sirius is the platform for your nonprofit projects where you can raise funds quickly, openly and conveniently.

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How Sirius helps you raise funds for projects and maximize the social impact at the community and territorial levels

The Sirius platform was created as a link between companies in the commercial and third sectors, solving the problem of “inability to meet”

The platform helps profits that would like to invest in projects with high social impact, but cannot find projects that meet the company's business strategies.
The platform helps non-profits that need to finance their projects, but can not attract companies from the commercial sector.
Using SIRIUS projects are sponsored quickly and safely

The sooner projects are sponsored, the sooner Non-Profits start operating. There is no need to collect thousands of small donations as with crowdfunding.


Companies can transfer big sums of money easily and safely.

How Sirius platform allows third sector organisations to optimize and increase fundraising:

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Why join SIRIUS?
Your fundraising campaigns with and without Sirius

  • You can only reach geographically close companies using direct contacts

  • You have to collect thousands of small donations to be able to finance big projects

  • You can only trust your own communication channels searching for sponsors

  • It is likely that your organization has to invest large budgets in communication activities to raise funds, thus eroding the resources that can be devoted to the social project

With Sirius
  • Reach potential supporters from all over the world

  • Few donations are sufficient to achieve important goals

  • You have a new communication channel for your projects

  • Structure your projects in the more effective way

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