The only platform designed to connect profit and nonprofit companies in order to increase the social impact

We help companies work in the same direction and with a common goal, organize the process and make the world better

Sirius is the platform that helps increase the social impact of companies having quantitative and qualitative feedback

The double soul of Sirius:

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SIRIUS is a B2B platform that, on the one hand, helps companies find, finance and report on projects with high social impact, on the other hand, helps associations increase their internal and project structuring efficiency.

Alberto Paccagnella and Marina Lobach
Sirius founders

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Investing in CSR brings benefits that have a direct and concrete impact on the company’s business goals.
Is your third sector ready for the business world to participate in its fundraising campaigns?
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We find ways to resolve important issues

We help companies increase their social impact in 17 directions

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Some numbers

Up to 63%
of company’s market value is determined due to its business reputation (The State of Corporate Reputation 2020)
In 2018 Italian companies increased their budgets to support projects with a high social effect by 21% (The survey conducted by Socialis Observatory)
of companies support volunteering of their employees during work hours (the most popular program) (Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) produces Giving in Numbers)

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